About Me

I am Vlad[islav] Averin. Russian-born Software Engineer who spent his early life somewhere between Alaska and Japan, made it to Saint Petersburg, former Russian Empire capital, at the age of 17 to get Computer Science degree, and finally came up to idea that made my life like never before — idea about Exploration.

Since the establishment of my freelance career, I got time enough to think about truly valuable experience I can get from such a short period of existence as human’s life. I found myself extremely passionate about visiting places I’ve never been before. Started with small steps and full of uncertainty, I quickly realized that planet is much smaller than we all think.

Continue my journeys, mark as many countries on the map as possible, take pictures and videos, meet new people and finally feel myself a true Citizen of Planet Earth — all of this became my ultimate goal.

Below you can see continuous roll of my recent random selfies from different places.